Vaadach NahiNovember 08, 2021x
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Pu La's vivid sketch of Narayan from his 1966 book Vyakti aani Valli paints a picture of sights, sounds and smells while revealing a man who gives of himself without taking anything in return, at that most important of times in our adult lives: the wedding. All our weddings had a Narayan. Or many Narayans - none of their thankless efforts captured in our wedding photo albums and dhaakchik videos. Fortunately, in Narayan, Pu La has done exactly that for us.

In this very first episode of the Vaadach Nahi podcast, Vineet, Bhupal and Dhruv dissect the Maharashtrian wedding preparation process through the lens of Narayan, admire Pu La’s skill at combining the light and the deep, and reflect on their own experiences growing up (and getting married) in Pune in the 90s and 2000s.

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