Menstrual hygiene, health and the environment
All Indians MatterDecember 01, 2020
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Menstrual hygiene, health and the environment

Ashraf EngineerAshraf EngineerHost

India faces a dilemma. Its girls collectively miss an estimated 80 million months of school every year because of the lack of menstrual hygiene facilities. At the same time, sanitary napkins are swamping our landfills and oceans – the plastics within them take 500 to 1,000 years to break down. India needs to increase awareness about and access to menstrual hygiene products, especially those that are safer for the environment.

is a renowned social activist who combines her work in making menstrual hygiene accessible to all women with a passion for the environment. She speaks to on accessibility and sustainable solutions for India.Seema Khandale All Indians Matter