Ashraf Engineer

Ashraf Engineer

Ashraf Engineer is a veteran journalist with nearly three decades of media experience. He held senior editorial positions in India’s leading media houses, such as Mid Day, the Times Group, the Sakal Group and the Hindustan Times. In 2011, he led a USAID-funded programme to train first-generation journalists in Afghanistan. Based in Kabul, his focus was to train the journalists not just in the basics but also to adapt to a fast-changing multimedia reality.

Eventually, he moved out of full-time journalism to join the communication consulting industry where he’s now considered a leader in strategy, insights and content. However, Ashraf’s journalism stayed alive through his writings for national and international publications/websites as well as his regular appearances on international radio.

In February 2020, Ashraf launched, a commentary- and analysis-led digital home for conversations with and about India on issues that truly matter. That expanded into the All Indians Matter podcast that launched on Independence Day eve of the same year. The podcast has won several awards and is widely considered to be among India’s leading news and analysis shows. It is heard in India as well as across the world.

In addition, Ashraf is a professor of media and communication at some of India’s leading academic institutions and is the recipient of several awards for his work in journalism and brand communication.

His maiden book, Bricks of Blood, was released in 2017.

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