COVID-19: How To Prepare For Social Distancing During Coronavirus
Vishnu Ki Secret LifeMarch 19, 2020
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COVID-19: How To Prepare For Social Distancing During Coronavirus

In the interest of limiting the novel coronavirus’ spread, a number of organisations in India and across the world have asked their employees to work from home, thus eliminating person-to-person contact.

This, as you may know, is all contributing to what has become the watchword in this time of pandemic and panic –– social distancing.

Social distancing is a set of non-medical steps that can limit the spread of the virus.

If we don’t practice social distancing, and if the number of infected keep rising, we also risk overburdening our healthcare system, something that Italy has had to deal with.

Things have changed, and will have to change as we go on... social distancing – by not going out, by working from home, by limiting human interaction, becomes an essential part of this.

Today we’ll show you how to prepare for social distancing and do it effectively so you can weather the coming weeks with good health and peace of mind.

Guests: Dr. Jayakrishnan, Co-ordinator, Regional Prevention of Epidemic Disease Cell, Calicut Medical College

Dr. Sumit Ray, Chairperson Critical Care Medicine and Chief of Medical Services, Artemis Hospitals Delhi

Host and Producer: Vishnu Gopinath

Editor: Shelly Walia

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