The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited)February 16, 202200:34:3931.78 MB

Molly Johnson-Jones - Choosing How To Work

Imagine managers letting you choose how you worked!

Molly Johnson-Jones shared a post on LinkedIn that stated '“By removing the need to have a ‘reason’ to request flexibility and giving everyone the freedom to choose how to work, we can make true progress on gender equality.” but how do we get that out of our hiring leaders?

While Molly, CEO & Co-founder of Flexa, enjoyed London's winter sun, and I only had the heat of the topic to keep me warm, we covered loads including:

  • the motivation behind creating Flexa, a platform where employers can be verified as offering true flexibility to their people
  • surprising survey results that show both men and women want flexibility
  • the two paths to getting your leaders to see that offering flexible & hybrid working is inevitable
  • the challenges that some leaders face when trusting employees and measuring output instead of presenteeism
  • Molly's own lessons-learned running a truly flexible business
  • What is and most definitely isn't a 4 day week!

Grab a cuppa, pen and paper and settle in! ✍🏻

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