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Lisa Haggar - Candidate Experience & Educating Upwards

This is not the recruitment market to mess people around!

Educating upwards will help you deliver a better candidate experience

You may know Lisa Haggar as the self-described 'lass with sass' on LinkedIn or perhaps from her 3 decades contributing to the HR profession. Either way, she is a brilliant person to talk to about tough subjects, like this one!

Strap yourselves in for this one, as we laugh and chat about:

  • experiencing recruitment as a HR candidate and the problem with grilling applicants and interviewer power-games, inspired by this post.
  • experiencing the worst candidate experience, to know how to make it better!
  • not paying people their worth and what you could do instead.
  • don't lowball, develop people!
  • great questions to ask at interview, no matter your age or the seniority of the person interviewing you.
  • be bold enough to educate upwards.
  • the difference of being spoken at or with.
  • giving referrals to the companies that deliver a great candidate experience.

Grab a cuppa, pen and paper and settle in! ✍🏻