The Can Do WayJuly 14, 2022x
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Can Do Coffee Chat with Louise Neicho, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher.

In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Louise Neicho, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher.

Founder of Woodland Yoga, Louise is passionate about connecting people with nature through yoga and mindfulness practices. She believes nature has a great deal to teach us and its wisdom can be soaked up through practicing outdoors, feeling all the elements and witnessing the unending cyclical changes and reflecting these within. In turn, we rediscover the interconnectedness of all life and restoring and protecting this precious planet is no longer something outside of ourselves. 

A purpose-driven Can Do story, Louise’s gentle yet thought-inspiring message will hearten you to remind yourself of your ‘Why’ in life.

Listen for Louise’s Can Do tips:

  1. Make time for a daily self-compassion break.
  2. Take baby steps to achieve what you want.
  3. Find joy in life.