The Big StorySeptember 17, 2020
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Part 2: Prolonged Shutdown of Schools Affecting Students' Health as Well?

If the shutting down of schools affected the accessibility of education, it also affected physical and mental health of students from across various communities.

Although there's not been any survey on the mental health crisis among children in the pandemic, from a report published in the journal New Scientist, we at least know that a stunning 115 million children in India are at risk of malnutrition, as the mid-day meal programme was disrupted by the pandemic.

And it's not just a concern about mid-day meal beneficiaries only. In these pandemic months, the general food insecurities that propped up in the marginalised communities have raised concerns of malnutrition amongst school-going children generally.

Given that students with poor or no access to internet or mobiles and laptops, or even enough personal space, might find the old fashioned in-person teaching methods useful, should India reopen schools?

As students of classes 9 -12 are set to re-join schools on a voluntary basis from 21 September, is it going to be a risky choice especially for malnourished children since the coronavirus infections are increasing? What work needs to be done before India re-opens schools for all? Tune in to The Big Story!


Producer and Host: Shorbori Purkayastha
Anjela Taneja, Campaign Lead Inequality Education and Health at Oxfam India
Ashok Rao the General Secretary of the Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute
Shahid Jameel, Virologist
Editor: Shelly Walia

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