Did the Farm Bills Passage in RS Bypass Parliamentary Rules?
The Big StorySeptember 21, 2020
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Did the Farm Bills Passage in RS Bypass Parliamentary Rules?

Eight opposition MPs in the Rajya Sabha, including the Trinamool Congress’ Derek O’Brien, and AAP's Sanjay Singh and others were suspended for a week for “unruly behaviour” one day after the passage of two controversial agricultural reform bills.

The Bills in question, that aim to liberalise the agricultural market, have been triggering massive farmer protests in the states of Punjab and Haryana ever since the Monsoon Session began.

But, the discussion on the Bills has now turned towards one on parliamentary democracy and has raised questions on whether parliamentary rules were bypassed in the passing of the Bills.

What had started as a peaceful debate took an unprecedented turn with broken microphones, papers flying in the air as the Bills got passed by a voice vote and not a division of votes, despite Opposition parties making a demand for it to the deputy chairperson.

While the government moved a motion for the suspension of Opposition lawmakers for “bringing disrepute” to the House, the Opposition has been accusing the Centre of passing "anti-farmer" bills without the required numbers in rampant violation of parliamentary rules.

Can a division vote be denied in Parliament? Have there been contraventions of parliamentary conventions in the Rajya Sabha, during the passing of these Bills?

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