The Big StoryMarch 04, 2022
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'An Absolute Genius': Celebrating Virat Kohli's Journey to 100 Test Matches

When Virat Kohli took to the field against Sri Lanka on Friday, 4 March, he became only the 12th Indian cricketer to play 100 Test matches.

Announcing his arrival by leading India to the Under-19 World Cup title in 2008, Kohli quickly climbed the ropes and soon paved a path to international test cricket in 2011. And since then, is known as one of the greatest players in the world cricket across all formats.

After nearly 11 years at the biggest stages of international cricket, more than 8,000 runs, and a jaw-dropping average of 50.39, we take a look at Kohli's test cricket legacy and his impact both on and off the field in this special episode of The Big Story podcast,

Joining me today is our regular guest and friend of the show, cricket commentator and analyst Chandresh Narayanan.

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