Sutradhar Mini Tales (English)June 21, 2022x
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Jarasandh attacked Shri Krishna seventeen times but was unable to defeat him, so he sought help from Kalayavan. Kalayavan had a boon from Bhagwaan Shankar that he cannot be defeated in battle.

Kalayavan came for Jarasandh’s aid and attacked Shri Krishna. 

Shri Krishna looked at Kalayavan and his massive army of three million soldiers and ran away.

Kalayavan chased Shri Krishna and followed him inside the cave where Muchukund was sleeping his undisturbed sleep since ages.

In the dark of the cave Kalayavan thought of sleeping Muchukund as Shri Krishna hiding and kicked him hard thus breaking his sleep.

Since Kalayavan had woken up Muchukund from his sleep, as per Indra’s boon to Muchukund, Kalayavan was burnt to ashes.

It is because of this leela, Shri Krishna got the name of Ranchhod.