King Novak, India at the WTC and calamities at the Euros

Ayaz MemonAyaz MemonCo-Host

Epic victories and dramatic injuries are what engulfs the world of sport this week.

While Ayaz elaborates on Djokovic’s victory, he also dwells on the current condition of women’s tennis. Meanwhile, as Mr. Fantastic astounds everyone with a mind-blowing fact on the superstars of Tennis and their victories; Soumil draws a beautiful comparison between an F1 accident and Christian Eriksen’s collapse on the football ground, to explain the logic behind the media coverage of mishaps in sports.

The Sports Weekly Trio also discusses India’s chances at winning the WTC and the upcoming races in the F1 circuit. Hoping to have an eventful week. Looking forward to the games with Ayaz Memon, Mr. Fantastic and Soumil Arora.

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