India stumble at the final hurdle
Sports Weekly IndiaJune 24, 2021x
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India stumble at the final hurdle

Ayaz MemonAyaz MemonCo-Host

It’s been a gloomy week in the field of cricket, with the Rain Gods at play and the Kiwis all set to slay! The Sports Weekly Trio decodes the game with thorough analysis, while also suggesting what could’ve India done to create history. Nevertheless, New Zealand’s game was praiseworthy!

Good news prevails in the world of Olympics as the International Olympic Committee agreed to housing 50 percent of the venue’s capacity. Mr. Fantastic is thrilled as the action gets hotter at the Euro Cup with his favourite teams making it to Round 16. Soumil Arora analyses the French GP in detail and Ayaz Memon discusses the possibilities of having new champions in Wimbledon.

The upcoming week looks high on action; looking forward to the games with the Sports Weekly Trio!