England are the true white ball champs
Sports Weekly IndiaNovember 16, 2022x
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England are the true white ball champs

Ayaz MemonAyaz MemonCo-Host

A frenetic and exciting T20 World Cup concluded with England lording over everyone else. Their brand of cricket that included unbridled aggression coupled with prodigious talent saw them blast away India in the semis and then counter a very real Pakistan challenge. With this, they are now the holders of the 50-over and the T20 World Cups. True white ball champions.

In this episode, RK and Ayaz Memon go through the factors that saw England win and also raise some very concerns with India's set-up.

In other sports, Soumil Arora explains what the Cristiano Ronaldo saga is all about and also gives us a round-up of all the EPL and F1 action. 

Let's go!

Image courtesy: ICC