Chapter 8 : Momin Khan Momin

Chapter 8 : Momin Khan Momin

Thi vasl mein bhi.. fikr-e- judai tamaam shab..
Woh aaye toh bhi neend na aayi.. Tamaam shab..
تھی وصل میں بھی فکر جدائی تمام شب
وہ اے تو بھی نیند نا آی تمام شب
थी वस्ल में भी फ़िक्र-ए-जुदाई तमाम शब
वो आए तो भी नींद न आई तमाम शब
Our 8th episode is dedicated to Momin Khan Momin.

Aao Mehfi Sajayein
آؤ محفل سجائیں
आओ महफ़िल सजाएं ।

Momin was essentially a poet of earthly love which he expressed best in the form of ghazal. In this episode, we are going to explore the poetry in which the lover is one of amorous disposition; he represents love along with lust, and lust is a part of life’s romance.


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