Lando Norris On The Inside Line F1 Podcast - REVISITED!
Inside Line F1 PodcastJanuary 10, 2022x
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Lando Norris On The Inside Line F1 Podcast - REVISITED!

Lando Norris revisits the Inside Line F1 Podcast this week; courtesy our friends at Parc Ferme, one of the premier Motorsport websites in the Nordics.

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What was Lando Norris' worst season in his Motorsport career? How does he deal with 'bad' results & fan sentiments? Will he have a go at rallying? What's his take on iRacing? Are Formula 1 drivers robots?

There's a lot that Norris reveals about his personality - when stuck in a bad car or on social media. Tune in!

(Season 2022, Episode 01)

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Image courtesy: Mclaren