Inside Line F1 Podcast - Raikkonen To Red Bull Racing In 2014
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Inside Line F1 Podcast - Raikkonen To Red Bull Racing In 2014

The Inside Line F1 Podcast is produced by Rishi Kapoor and Kunal Shah. This F1 podcast offers a unique and humourous view in the latest happenings in the world of Formula1. This podcast can also be accessed via

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A BIG (and we mean BBIIGG) thank you to all for making ‘Multi21, Team Orders and PR Talk’ one of our most subscribed to podcasts across all our platforms. (Hear:

Here’s what is in store for you in this podcast: (YouTube channel: - V6 = DJ Tiesto! (No, this isn’t some weird logic!) - Overdose on multi21, team orders and Webber; did you suffer from one too? - Mark Webber was wearing wool in the heat and humidity of Malaysia. Rishi explains! - We discuss Webber’s race options for the 2014 Formula1 Season. A few obvious and interesting ones. - And when Webber moves, who will replace him? Hear our options. - Will Ferrari lose one more driver from their Driver Academy to a rival team? We think so…

If you were Mark Webber, what would you do? Which team would you choose to go to? And of course, if you were Red Bull Racing, who would you choose to replace him with? Share your views with us.

And of course, next week, we will have our 2013 Chinese Grand Prix preview podcast. Till then, Keep Racing!

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