How did THAT happen & Who's Estie Bestie - 2023 Monaco GP Review
Inside Line F1 PodcastMay 28, 202300:37:02

How did THAT happen & Who's Estie Bestie - 2023 Monaco GP Review

The 2023 Monaco Grand Prix made us ask 'how did THAT happen?' several times over.

Firstly, Max Verstappen's pole position lap. But before that, Esteban Ocon claiming provisional pole! Yes, how did THAT happen?

(Also, what's your best guess for who calls Esteban Ocon 'Estie Bestie'!?

Then, we had the Monaco Grand Prix itself. It was a strategic race in every way, but the rain neutered that. But how was there no Safety Car or longer race interruption?

Helmets off to the talent of the 19 drivers who didn't crash. Sorry, Lance, you ain't on the list.

Alonso's tyre gamble, Ocon's slow stop, Carlos Sainz's anger & mistake, Charles Leclerc impeding Lando Norris (we know how that happened!), George Russell blowing his podium chances, Haas' muscling their way through, Yuki Tsunoda's dry weather performance and Nyck De Vries jumping Logan Sargeant for 19th place in the Drivers' Championship. This is an action-packed episode in itself.

Tune in to know how that happened!😉

(Season 2023, Episode 25)

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