F1 2021-30: Crystal Gazing Into The New Decade
Inside Line F1 PodcastFebruary 10, 2021x
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F1 2021-30: Crystal Gazing Into The New Decade

We have 10 more seasons of the Netflix-F1 show: Drive to Survive. Daniel Ricciardo retire from Formula 1 without a World Championship. In fact, four World Champions retire from Formula 1 in this decade (c'mon, you can guess who!).won'twillwill

Ferrari win a Formula 1 World Championship but they win our hearts when Mick Schumacher races their scarlet red cars. Mclaren win a World Championship either and Lando Norris become a Mclaren veteran in this decade.won'twillwon'twill

Will the Strolls remain in Formula 1 and with them Aston Martin, too? Will Ace Ecclestone (Bernie's son) be groomed into a racing car driver? Will Red Bull Racing find a replacement for Max Verstappen? Will Mercedes' future be a George Russell-Max Verstappen pairing?

Renault-Alpine, Sauber-Alfa Romeo and Alpha Tauri keep changing names in this decade. And finally, Formula 1 get rid of the DRS in this decade. Tune in as we look into our crystal ball and predict the future (2021-2030) in our world of Formula 1.willwill

(Season 2021, Episode 03)

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