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44: Interview: Mahindra Racing’s Jerome d’Ambrosio On 2019-20 Formula E

This episode is a Formula 1 + Formula E special! We have a special guest on our show - former Formula 1 driver and now racing for Mahindra in Formula E, Jerome d'Ambrosio. Formula E - We talk to Mahindra Racing's Jerome d'Ambrosio about the 2019-20 Formula E, their preparations, learnings from the pre-season test and more - Mahindra Racing's biggest challenge has been to remain competitive throughout the entire season. DAM explains how they plan to address this trend for the upcoming season. - We discuss the importance of the simulator and the simulator driver in Formula E - How do teams-drivers cope with the condensed single-day format of Formula E? - Are Formula E drivers expected to live a sustainable life? Formula 1 - Re-living the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix - something we will keep doing for the time to come. We're not over the Gasly vs. Hamilton drag race - how did he actually win that? - Mclaren missed being on the actual podium, so we spend almost all our Formula 1 talk time in this episode celebrating their return to the podium - We actually saw Sainz overtake a car on the live broadcast feed - Mclaren speaking to Formula 1 regarding their broadcast visibility did seem to work. - We miss Fernando Alonso, but thank you Mclaren for sticking to the Norris-Sainz pairing. Will the Netflix-F1 show dedicate a special episode to their bromance? (Season 2019, Episode 44) Subscribe: iTunes ( , audioBoom ( (RSS feed for all devices), Spotify ( and Google Podcasts ( Official Page: Facebook ( Follow our hosts on Twitter: Mithila Mehta ( and Kunal Shah ( (Image courtesy: FIA Formula E)