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36: F1 Teams Reallocate €400,000 In Annual Budget For 2021

Could the FIA be setting a new precedent in Formula 1 after their ruling in the Renault-Racing Point protest? Picture this for 2021: a team could copy a rival's car (the Racing Point way!), pre-pay €400,000 as a penalty to the FIA, start the season with -15 points and go racing!

In this Pits To Podium ( segment, Soumil and Kunal discuss the ruling - one that still allows Racing Point to retain their competitive advantage. Will Mercedes be implicated at some stage? How deep can this protest against Racing Point's copying of Mercedes' W10 go? Tune in!

Btw, here's our '5 things to watch for' episode for the upcoming 70th Anniversary Grand Prix ( !

(Season 2020, Episode 36)

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