#085 - "Dharma: Decoding the Epics for a Meaningful Life" - Amish Tripathi & Bhavna Roy
BharatvaartaJanuary 21, 2021x
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#085 - "Dharma: Decoding the Epics for a Meaningful Life" - Amish Tripathi & Bhavna Roy

In this episode, We are joined by by the authors of the book "Dharma: Decoding the Epics for a Meaningful Life", Amish Tripathi and Bhavna Roy.  In this book, the first of a series, Amish and Bhavna dive into the ncient Indian epics, as well as some of Amish's stories to explore some important ideas of Indian philosophy.

We start off by understand how the idea of the content and structure of the book came about. We then get into a deep dive into the different concepts such as Karma, Dharma and Swadharma. We explore the interplay between thought and action, understand the difference between wanting and having, anger and rage and how dichotomies such as right/ wrong aren't applicable in the Indian context. We then discuss how envy is at the root of driving us away from Dharma and how traits such obedience and loyalty that are considered virtues can take us away from Dharma. We   end by asking the authors about their view on how they see the coming decade is something to look forward for India.

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