#070 - Indian Securities Market | Sandeep Parekh
BharatvaartaDecember 05, 2020x
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#070 - Indian Securities Market | Sandeep Parekh

Sandeep Parekh is India's leading securities lawyer and partner at FinSecLaw. He has practised in Mumbai, Delhi and in the USA, where he completed his LLM degree. Sandeep is closely associated with SEBI, working on several committees which give direction to India's securities markets via policies and rulemaking.  

Sandeep is also a regular columnist in leading Indian media publications and is quoted extensively on issues of securities law in the international media too. He has authored an important book on securities law and regularly comments on this topic and others of national interest on social media.  

In this episode, we ask Sandeep questions about India's market architecture? Can Indian start ups IPO any time soon in India? Will the Gandhinagar IFSC succeed? Why does India have greater restrictions on opening portfolio management services? How does SEBI make rules and are they equitable?   

Sandeep answers all these questions and much more. His views differ in many cases from popular perception but he uses his knowledge of securities law, market architecture and practical policy considerations to demystify the subject.  

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