#051 | Building indigenous capabilities | Sridhar Vembu (Co-founder & CEO, Zoho)
BharatvaartaOctober 06, 2020x
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#051 | Building indigenous capabilities | Sridhar Vembu (Co-founder & CEO, Zoho)

Sridhar Vembu is the co-founder and CEO of Zoho, one of India’s best known software companies. He is also among the most avant-garde thinkers today, reimagining how India should view Education, Economy, and Entrepreneurship.   

In this wide ranging conversation with Roshan Cariappa, he expounds his ideas on ‘transnational localism’ and becoming self-reliant or Atmanirbhar, how we should rethink Education and Skill Development and his experiments with Zoho Schools of Learning and teaching school children in Tenkasi, how entrepreneurs can play a vital role for their community like they have done so elsewhere in US and Taiwan, what the government can do to aid progress through federalism  and how we can measure this success going forward. We end the podcast with Sridhar’s clarion call to the youth of the country to go forth and conquer challenges that can benefit themselves, their communities, and the nation.   This podcast is at once insightful and informative and is a must listen for anyone interested in India’s development. 

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