Architecture is the art and science of designing the space around us as per our imagination and requirements. It is the reflection of cultural heritage , the economic progress and also identity of the people of a particular region. To bring out some fascinating stories from the world of Architecture across different corners of the globe ‘Worksphere’ presents ‘ArchiCast’.

The TERRA Award-winning SECMOL School in Leh-Ladakh is a model of advanced rammed-earth construction and passive solar architecture. Ladakh is a tough terrain for survival. In a region where survival itself is difficult, creating a conducive learning environment for children is even a bigger challenge! Sonam Wangchuk accepted this challenge and a very special unique school - SECMOL took shape. 

In this episode of Archicast we will be talking about ‘SECMOL : an innovative school in Ladakh famous for its sustainable vernacular architecture‘.

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Written by : Urban Planner Shriya 

Direction , Sound & Voice : Shweta Kulkarni


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