Why the BBC documentary really angers Modi
All Indians MatterJanuary 26, 2023x
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Why the BBC documentary really angers Modi

Ashraf EngineerAshraf EngineerHost

The BBC documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’ angers Narendra Modi because it strikes at the heart of what he’s obsessed with: his international image. He hungers to be seen as someone who matters not only because he happens to be the prime minister of India but who is respected globally in his own right. It’s why he spends so much time on foreign tours, goes the extra mile to get pictures shot with world leaders. The documentary shows him as the opposite of someone who should be respected on the world stage, as someone you’re forced to engage with only because he is India’s prime minister. What this documentary portrays is that he’s an authoritarian, not a moral, leader and that he’s anything but a vishwaguru. Please listen to the latest episode of All Indians Matter.