Murder of the Mahatma Trailer
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Murder of the Mahatma Trailer

Ashraf EngineerAshraf EngineerHost

On Mahatma Gandhi’s 73rd death anniversary, Ideabrew Studios launches a special six-episode series on his assassination.

It’s been 73 years but the details of the conspiracy, who was involved, who benefited, why some people got away, the lapses in the investigation and the limitations of the commission of inquiry are not fully understood by most Indians.

Gandhi was not just the father of the nation, he was also its conscience. In this series, Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of the Mahatma and president of the 'Mahatma Gandhi Foundation', details the conspiracy, delves into the role of each player and sheds fresh light on what most Indians still don’t know about the killing.

This series also marks the launch of – a new format in which we will look at issues or events in great depth, uncovering facets and shedding light on those not well known.


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