Ep.44: 9XM SoundcastE - Shashaa Tirupati
9XM SoundcastEApril 08, 2020x
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Ep.44: 9XM SoundcastE - Shashaa Tirupati

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

Indian-Canadian playback singer, lyricist & music producer/arranger Shashaa Tirupati talks to Host Eva Bhatt, in this 'remotely' recorded episode.

Though having sung for Rahman in numerous projects earlier, (including the National Award winning "Vaan Varuvaan") Shashaa shares about her unforgettable experience of singing 2 songs in A.R. Rahman's '99 Songs'. She considers the soundtrack as to be having the perfect 'healing' effect, in these bleak times.  

 Having been a motivational speaker too, its worth listening to her different approach towards life, work, challenges & adversities. The multi-lingual singer (sings in 13 languages) talks about her independent music and her cover releases, too. 

This is the second time, the 'Humma' girl has appeared as a guest on this podcast (as we had shot with her, right before the 'lockdown' & will be releasing that episode soon) 

Enjoy as she sings 'Soja Soja' & 'Humnawaa' (99 Songs) & 'O Sona Tere Liye' (Mom), exclusively on this podcast.

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