Ep.147 9XM SoundcastE ft. Lucky Ali
9XM SoundcastEApril 06, 2022x
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Ep.147 9XM SoundcastE ft. Lucky Ali

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

Lucky Ali, one of the most loved artists whose voice has defined Indian pop music and has captured the imagination of music lovers across generations & for decades, is on this episode, to share his heart out on music, life lessons, and ‘Intezaar’, his latest offering for his fans!

After his successful collaboration with renowned composer/producer & brother-in-law Mikey McCleary in albums like Sifar & Sunoh, the 'O Sanam' singer is back with a series of singles, starting with Intezaar.

Known for his distinctive sound & soulful but strikingly simple ballad-style singing, as well as his elusiveness, Lucky Ali shares some of his personal experiences & tips for music lovers & aspiring artists. He also talks about some fond memories about his late father, the iconic comedian Mehmood!

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