Ep. 31: 9XM SoundcastE Jassie Gill

Ep. 31: 9XM SoundcastE Jassie Gill

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

This week on 9XMSoundcastE, host Eva is joined by the Punjabi ‘munda’ Jassie Gill. He talks about his love for melodies and his approach towards making music, considering market trends and audience response. He also talks about how working with Gurdas Maan changed his approach towards life & success. Hediscusses the changing trends in the Punjabi music scene in Bollywood, the diminishing shelf life of songs, today & how he deals with stress and insecurity in today’s competitive times. Enjoy some of his most popular songs like ‘Nikle Currant’ to a Punjabi folk to a Gurdas Maan classic! Write to the host - at eva.bhatt@9xmedia.in or Follow her on Instagram


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T-Series – ‘Nikle Currant’, ‘Allah Ve’

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