Ep. 25: 9XM SoundcastE The Doorbeen & Shreya Sharma

Ep. 25: 9XM SoundcastE The Doorbeen & Shreya Sharma

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

This week on 9XMSoundcastE, host Eva is joined by the super successful and young musicians Onkar & Gautam (The Doorbeen) who are joined by Shreya Sharma, who sang the female vocals in their single ‘Prada’, featuring Alia Bhatt.

They also talk about their musical inspirations, their folk influences, and their creative discipline. Shreya Sharma recalls fun anecdotes during the shooting of the song ‘Prada’ with Alia Bhatt. They also talk about the music marketing business, the 90S Indi-pop nostalgia to today’s ‘Independent’ music scene in India.

Don’t miss the Jazzy B song sung by ‘The Doorbeen’, who claim to be a big fan of this Punjabi pop star.

Music Label courtesy:

Times Music/Speed Records – ‘Lamberghini’

JJust Music – ‘Prada’

Jinde –Jazzy B Records

TIPS – ‘Tumsa Koi Pyaara'

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