Career lessons
Woice with Warikoo PodcastMay 16, 202400:04:55

Career lessons

In this episode Ankur Warikoo shares valuable lessons for anyone looking to advance in their career, drawing on his 25 years of experience in the industry. He emphasizes the importance of trust, communication, commitment, and learning, alongside offering practical advice such as writing clear emails, regular updates to managers, and exceeding job expectations. He also highlights the significance of understanding human motivation over merely focusing on technical skills or qualifications, suggesting that successful professionals are those who grasp what drives people. This episode is a comprehensive guide for personal and professional growth, encouraging listeners to become indispensable, seek help early, and prioritize learning and integrity over instant results or recognition.

00:00 Welcome to Woice with Warikoo: Insights on Entrepreneurship and Growth
00:18 Career Lessons from 25 Years of Experience
00:48 The Essence of Trust and Communication in the Workplace
01:22 The Power of Commitment and Seeking Help
02:01 Learning Over Earning: Prioritizing Growth in Your Career
02:23 Exceeding Expectations and the Importance of Writing Things Down
03:34 Understanding Human Motivation: The Key to Professional Success
04:28 Closing Thoughts and Invitation to Subscribe