Best investment with 10k salary
Woice with Warikoo PodcastJune 20, 202400:05:26

Best investment with 10k salary

In this episode Ankur discusses the most worthwhile investments you can make with a modest salary. Reflecting on his own experiences, from earning Rs. 134 per hour in his first job to building a successful company, Ankur emphasizes the importance of investing in personal growth. He shares how his decision to take a 14 lakh loan for an MBA from ISB transformed his career and financial status, and advises listeners to prioritize courses, internships, freelancing, networking, and skill development for long-term success. Tune in every Thursday for new episodes.

00:00 Introduction to Woice With Warikoo

00:25 The Best Investment with a Low Salary

00:37 Ankur's Early Career and Salary Breakdown

01:40 The Turning Point: Investing in Education

02:23 Post-MBA Success and Financial Growth

04:02 Advice on Personal Growth and Financial Investment

05:00 Conclusion and Final Thoughts