How Can We Better Deal With The Big Changes in Our Lives?
Vishnu Ki Secret LifeApril 16, 2020
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How Can We Better Deal With The Big Changes in Our Lives?

The world before the coronavirus is now gone, changed forever. How can we deal with the new reality we now face? Everything about our lives has changed – from our work, to our relationships and our exercise and even spending habits.

Questions flood our minds, filling us with anxiety. Understanding this new situation can be difficult. In this time of crisis, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. Not to worry, because we have answers that can help. This episode of Vishnu Ki Secret Life dives into adapting to change. From practical methods, to different ways of thinking, there are several approaches to better adapt to change. Understanding these, can mean the difference between positive or negative change. Can we make the most of this tense period, and come out of it happier and healthier? Knowing what to do and how to do it, can bring us closer to this possibility. Everyone deals with change differently. Don’t beat yourself up about it if you feel lost. Understanding is the first step to growth. So, listen to this podcast, where we help you understand what to do.

Host and Producer: Vishnu Gopinath
Editor: Shelly Walia
Music: Big Bang Fuzz