It is Our Ability to 'Shak' That Makes Us Human
UrdunamaOctober 07, 202300:14:2913.32 MB

It is Our Ability to 'Shak' That Makes Us Human

Your beloved show has been away for a few weeks because of a new addition to the Urdunama family. This week marks the debut of Fabeha's son Musa on the show, as she joins back to talk about a fundamental concept of 'shak', or doubt.

The episode starts with "I think, therefore I am", a quote by French philosopher René Descartes, and how the fact that we can doubt and question things around us makes us human.

Listen till the end as Fabeha reads poetry by Zubair Ali Tabish, Gulzar, and Javed Akhtar. Apologies for the Break, Urdunama is Back Without any 'Shak'

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