Thirty years of breaking bias and thriving in a male-dominated industry
Unbound with MamtaaSeptember 09, 202200:30:14

Thirty years of breaking bias and thriving in a male-dominated industry

She has been a business leader in the real estate industry for more than three decades. A woman known for her frankness, courage, integrity, and strength, she shared fearlessly her life story on UnBound while also admitting her vulnerabilities.

Dr. Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi is a role model for women seeking careers in real estate. In addition to being disciplined, meticulous in planning, a subject matter expert, and standing rock solid with her team, she's highly regarded by both friends and enemies alike.

She is passionate about the safety and education of children. She contributes to society in varied areas. She mentors executives in rural India at ‘Indivillage’ and coaches women entrepreneurs at ‘She Connect’ to help them fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Her contributions are exemplary.

Let’s get into this inspiring conversation with Dr. Ananta. 

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About The Guest

Dr. Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi is a doctorate in marketing, a TEDx speaker, and a corporate leader with three decades of dedicated service to the real estate sector. She has held the positions of Executive Director at DLF, Chief  Executive at EmaarMGF, Country Head India at Damac, and Senior Executive Director at Experion Developers and stands for exemplary leadership and exceptional results.

 She is the Founder and President-Elect for NAREDCO Mahi, under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs. She is also the Mission Director for Nirmal Jal Prayaas.

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