EP38: How Radhika is adding heart to healthcare ft Radhika Bhirani
Unbound with MamtaaApril 22, 202400:48:56

EP38: How Radhika is adding heart to healthcare ft Radhika Bhirani

Join us on Unbound with Mamtaa as we sit down with Radhika, a leading editor-in-chief, who brings stories to life at the intersection of journalism and healthcare. In this episode, Radhika discusses the power of storytelling in influencing healthcare policy and empowering women through insightful narratives about health. Discover how empathy and detailed reporting can transform women's health and lead to significant medical advancements. Radhika shares her experiences and the challenges she faces in the world of healthcare journalism, including a story that changed the course of her career. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the crucial role journalists play in shaping public perception and policy around women's health. Whether you're interested in journalism, women's health, or transformative stories on health & life, Radhika’s insights are not to be missed. 

About The Guest: 

Radhika Bhirani is an esteemed media professional with over 16 years of experience in covering the lifestyle world. After a long fruitful journey with news agency Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), she joined Hindustan Times (HT City), before taking on an independent journey. Radhika currently head Content at HT Health Shots, a digital health and wellness platform for millennial women.

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