Ep 15 : I Can't Decide On My Career!
The Teenbook PodcastSeptember 25, 2022x
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Ep 15 : I Can't Decide On My Career!

Doctor ya engineer? Science ya Commerce? Arts ya music? Designer ya Manager? Has the thought of choosing a career very early on given you a mini heart attack too sometimes? Or are you afraid of changing your mind once you do choose one? Well worry not! Aaj we will answer all your dil ke sawal and dissolve all your fears when it comes to choosing a career. Our guests today have been VIPs in various fields and careers and have made switches in the same like a pro! So worry not and tune in to the episode to bhagao your fear of choosing a career!

Check out this interesting video on "Understanding yourself" on our YouTube channel here - https://youtu.be/Er3tHvS6YEw 

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