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India's NavIC Set To end GPS Dominance By 2025? A Step Towards Self-reliance

In this Roundup, we explore the G20 Summit's surprising effects on startups, the cross-border evolution of ONDC, Reliance, Tata, and Nvidia's digital revolution in India, GreyOrange's audacious switch to SaaS, and First Cheque's incredible achievements in the jewellery industry.
Learn why NavIC support is crucial and how Nvidia's partnerships are helping India reach new heights in AI.

Watch our episode with Pramod Ghadge(Co-founder & CEO of Unbox Robotics) on building a robotics and automation:

00:00 Intro
01:24 Apple’s iPhone 15
02:45 G-20’s impact on the startup ecosystem, The Saudi- India startup bridge
07:48 ONDC going global
09:52 NavIC - a major step towards technological self-reliance
13:38 Reliance, Tata and Nvidia collaboration
17:25 GreyOrange to raise $80-million
19:50 GIVA and Firstcheque’s 75X success
20:10 Fundraises of the week
21:41 Talk of the town - “VCs don't value companies” 
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