The Recruitment FlexJuly 28, 2023x
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Welcome to Canada!

We have thrown out all traditional gender expectations, Shelley pays for lunch and Serge sings for his supper.

Is organizational hygiene the polite term for cleaning house, aka layoffs?

In the News

  • 10,000 H1B Visa holders in 48 hours, highly skilled workers are eager to get into Canada!

  • Twitter launches job listings @TwitterHiring - next up @TwitterDating

  •  Former TA Exec sues his employer Goldman Sachs, we saw this coming from miles away

Tip of the Week

  • Using AI to improve your Linked In summary statement. Be sure to edit it before you publish.

Recruiting Insights

  • Cisco offers up training sessions to become talent influencers. Such a great idea!

  • The 4-6 pm dead zone and MS Teams is big brother, watching your every move. 

  • HireRight points the finger at TA when their customers demand faster service.