TRF@Unleash America
The Recruitment FlexMay 10, 202400:33:20

TRF@Unleash America

This week from Las Vegas from Unleash America

  • Serge puts on a brave face and jumps off the Strat in Las Vegas! 

  • Unleash America hosts amazing speakers and the trade show floor was buzzing around the start up pavilion. We made some new friends and reconnected with our community of TA tech vendors.

In the News

  • Ontario has some lofty goals and heavy fines for employers who post jobs for the fun of it and for those who ghost candidates after an interview. 

  • April’s US job numbers remain vanilla - small changes over March but nothing alarming

Tip of the Week

  • Reality check on the overqualified applicant, improved job posting will save us all alot of heart ache.

Recruiting Insights

  • Recruiting teams are the driving force for flexible work to ensure they can recruit the best talent according to Linked In Talent Solutions report 

  • We are at pivotal moment for talent acquisition, with teams feeling disconnected from strategic workforce plans and pressured towards cost-reduction rather than upskilling recruitment teams.