The Recruitment FlexSeptember 05, 2023x
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The Toggle Tax w/Adam Gordon

This week on TRF we welcome Adam Gordon Founder of Poetry.

Internationally famous as the recurring co-host on Recruiting Brainfood Live with Hung Lee and a successful HR Tech founder with the sale of Candidate.ID to iCIMS, Adam joins us for a short yet action packed episode.

  • Explain Recruiter Enablement

  • Every HR Tech start up needs to take notes on the process Adam followed before they started developing the solution.

  • The toggle tax for Recruiters

  • Pronounced BAYTA or BEETA - either way, the chosen 42 companies will be part of the inner circle of Poetry

  • HR Tech is not as far behind as some sources say it is.

  • With all the investment in HR Tech, the best ideas are still hitting the trash bin, Adam explained how VCs work

  • The last work on where TA Professionals need to focus for the next year