The Recruiter Paradox w/Richard Collins
The Recruitment FlexFebruary 27, 202400:28:35

The Recruiter Paradox w/Richard Collins

This week Serge (Sans Shelley) interviews Richard Collins, CEO of CVWallet,

  • Richard shares insights from his career in recruitment and advertising, including the sale of ClickIQ to Indeed in 2019.

  • CVWallet was founded to help job seekers prove their credentials, but shifted focus towards solving the recruiter paradox due to generative AI's rise.

  • Some challenges generative AI, including an increase in applications and the need for verification to ensure candidate data reliability.

  • He advises talent acquisition leaders to adopt scalable solutions capable of handling increased application volumes due to AI advancements.

  • Some disappointment over Google discontinuing its job ads product, seeing it as a missed opportunity to shake up the recruitment advertising market.