Replaced with an App
The Recruitment FlexMarch 29, 202400:39:58

Replaced with an App

This week on TRF we cover:

  • When your Linked In post gets hi-jacked, it can be a complement or just annoying. What was Barry thinking, his // would create an avalanche of qualified candidates?

  • Congrats to one of the OG's of HR podcasting, Matt Alder hits 600 episodes. 

In the news

  • Federal minimum wage in Canada jumps to $17.30. Sad to see the US federal minimum wage still sits at $7.25 per hour.

  • Realtors in the US are facing some drastic changes that will hit their commissions. There should be an app for this! No one ever felt good about paying $25,000 to someone for selling their biggest investment - your home. 

  • NASA vs SpaceX. It all comes down to hiring and perhaps keeping costs in line. Consider their spending habits over the last 10 years, NASA clocked in at $21.2 BILLION and SpaceX at $500-750 million. 

Tip of the Week

  • Recruiters being interviewed by a Recruiter for a recruiting role, feels like jedi mind trick. Showing up isn't what you wear, it's asking great questions. 

Recruiting Insights

  • Glassdoor controversy this week. Adding the Fishbowl means you give your identifying information sparks fear into the hearts of some users that employers will someone find you out for the nasty review you left. 

  • Global Trends Report 2024 from HireVue uses an impressive survey size of 6,000 leaders. 2 things stood out, skills based hiring to identify transferable skills and getting comfortable with using AI.

  • Boomerang employees have risen by more than 30% since Covid with half of them returning within 2 years of leaving.