The Recruitment FlexAugust 15, 2023x
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Remove the Fear w/Omar Khateeb

We met Omar Khateeb CEO of JobPixel at Unleash and we were impressed with what he was building!

Omar joins us with some practical advice and shares successful uses of video for mid to large to high volume hiring. 

Seeing is believing. The power of video is unequaled when marketing your jobs, your team and your company.

Some great advice to TA leaders on how to get started with video: 

  • Pick your top 4-5 positions
  • Define your culture, in simple terms, Why do we like working here?
  • Define the job specifically and answer, Why do we like working 
  • No need for celebrity endorsement, you have your brand ambassadors in plain sight

Remove the fear of creating video content. Bring your company to life using video by allowing your team’s stories come to life in their own words.