Practitioner Series: w/Nancy Tavares
The Recruitment FlexApril 02, 202400:30:08

Practitioner Series: w/Nancy Tavares

This week we welcome Nancy Tavares Senior Director, P&C at Paladin Security

  • With a non-traditional entry into HR, Nancy brings business acumen and operational experience to her decision to pursue a Masters in HR Management. 

  • A life long learner, she also shares her knowledge as an Instructor at George Brown College in Toronto delivering the Intro to HR course. 

  • Nancy shares some of the assessment techniques Paladin uses to evaluate a candidate’s skills during the recruitment process and some of the challenges they are facing now. 

  • The intersection of L&D in HR is her deepest expertise. The role of HR plays in supporting the business by creating front line training with very clear pathways of employee development. 

  • Understanding your talent pool and creative thinking in how to partner with provincial entities shows innovative thinking.