Practitioner Series w/Deanna Brousseau
The Recruitment FlexAugust 29, 202300:30:11

Practitioner Series w/Deanna Brousseau

If you ever wondered if TikTok is an effective communication channel for TA, Deanna is the creative & comic genius who cranked up LinkedIn outreach response rates from 45% to 85% with her video posts. 

As the Director of People and Talent with AltaML, an incredible start up focused on the most ethical use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) with offices in 3 Canadian cities. Having fun is part of their EVP, Deanna is living proof.

  • Going from 40 people to 140 during the most turbulent and competitive times, means getting creative, having good tools and really listening to what’s important to your target audience. 

  • Do tech assessments, take home assignments and live coding exams sound like job seeker bait or repellent?

  • Danna shares her ‘do over’ list, team structure and the 3 super hero roles to have in a high function TA team.