The Recruitment FlexAugust 11, 2023x
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Not All AI is Really AI

This week on TRF:

  • Shelley’s feeling a little rattled. A perfect driving record is now tarnished, a cement parking barrier vs a front bumper isn't a fair fight!

  • When are we too old to attend a rave? Serge takes in an outdoor performance of Tiesto.

  • Get your tickets now, Serge will rock the stage at DisruptHR YYC.

  • AND if you are on the East Coast, join Leah Sobering as she hosts DisruptHR Halifax.

In the news

  • ZipRecruiter remains profitable despite a big drop in customer count.

  • Staffing industry giant Airswift inked a deal to acquire Energy Resourcing, adding 11 offices in 9 countries.

  • 3 options to choose from if you work for Amazon as they mandate 2 days a week in the office, the last option is to voluntarily resign - let that sink in a moment

  • The irony of Zoom mandating return to office is not lost on the entire white collar working world. 

Tip of the Week

  • A great measure, worth boasting about is a tight Applicant to Hire ratio. If you are hiring a single role, 50:1 is the target. 

Recruiting Insights

  • Despite the fear mongers, most employers face little risk of being held liable for negligent hiring when it comes to people with a criminal record. 

  • Use of social media while you are supposed to be working. A Monster study published says that 57% of workers think social media in the workplace is unprofessional yet 46% admit to spending up to 4 hours on social media during working hours. The real interesting result is half of those surveyed dont want their employer following them on social media. 

  • Before you jump on the HR Tech bandwagon of AI powered this or that - get up to speed on what AI actually is and what is just an automated process.