The Recruitment FlexAugust 04, 2023x
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Lazy Girl Jobs

TRF covers this week:

  • When a CEO’s top measure of success is happy employees, you know you’re listening to Chris Forman with AppCast! Catch the episode released last Monday

  • Friend of the show, Adam Gordon is teasing with his new company called ‘Poetry’ dressed in France’s national colours and on a boat!

  • Lazy Girl Jobs - just set all women back 50 years, everything Barbie did to empower women has been undone by these viral TikTok's.

  • What’s next? Paying your adult children to stay home and do chores?

In The News

  • Netflix runs an ad for an AI Expert with a salary of up to $900K; causing outrage to the striking Hollywood crowd.

  • Linked In is testing out a job seeker coach using AI, no word on the monthly price tag.

Tip of the Week

  • Ask candidates how they want to be communicated to - email, phone or text. If you’re going to use text, better call our friends at

Recruiting Insights

  • When having Canadian experience a real and legitimate job requirement, and you don't know how to read a resume, you best brush up on federal and provincial human rights act.

  • The world’s first blind hiring experiment included voice masking technology soon to be the best intended worst experience ever.

  • 3 powerhouse reports paint a stark picture of a brewing storm with a mandated return to the office. We watch as the pendulum swings with attrition and struggling to recruit. Good news for recruiters, the demand for our skill are headed back our way.