Hacking Tech Hiring w/Mark Chaffey
The Recruitment FlexMarch 26, 202400:37:45

Hacking Tech Hiring w/Mark Chaffey

This week on TRF we welcome Mark Chaffey CEO Hackajob

  • Every company is a tech firm. 

  • Based in London and New York, Mark along with his co-founder spent the last 10 years building a 2 way marketplace specifically for engineering talent. 

  • Their laser focus on their audience and to provide a first class experience that includes a human Talent Success Manager to coach the candidate has paid off. 

  • Building the skills taxonomy was essential and using Ai to do it. 

  • Their own growth from 75 to 150 employees in one year, Mark talks about his ‘Swiss Army Knife’ and their internal TA tech stack

  • Breaking into the US for Hackajob it was a serendipitous chain of events